CBSE Board Topper List 2023

CBSE Board Topper List 2023: See the list of all the topper students of the Central Board of Secondary Education CBSE, who topped the CBSE Board Topper or the boy won the CBSE Board Topper with the release of class 10th and 12th exam results conducted by CBSE. It is equally important for you to know that what is your percentage in the result.

Because making a topper in CBSE board is like achieving a great position in itself because any student who tops the BSC board from the girl student gets the reward and he is also provided many facilities by the central government and many more At the place, he gets respect along with respect, so let’s know.

Who has become the topper in CBSE board, what percentage has come to him this time and along with that, let us know what some changes have been seen in the topper list this year as compared to last year in CBSE board.

You will be well aware that the high school matriculation examination in CBSE was conducted between February 15 and March 21, while the examination of intermediate students was successfully conducted between March 15 and April 5. It is important to understand this.

According to the total media report this year, more than 3800000 students had registered for the CBSE board examination, out of which separate toppers list has been issued for matriculation students and intermediate students.

CBSE Board Topper Prize

CBSE Board Topper Prize: Any student who will top the CBSE board will not only be given attractive gifts and rewards from the government, along with some amount of money and free facilities are also provided for further or future studies. It has been happening for years and this year also this process can be continued for the toppers.

Because coming first out of 38 lakh students from all over India is a big achievement in itself and after hard work and dedication the topper has to see this day and it gets warm as well as his The family and the parents and the coaching institute also take pride that the student we have taught has topped the board and is about to be given an attractive gift.

CBSE Board 10th Topper List 2023

The student who tops the CBSE board matriculation class X, his answer sheet is evaluated twice by the secretary of CBSE, along with that the topper is specially identified and the topper is called to the center and When the result will be issued, then the result is also issued after honoring it at that time in front of the media, then its topper list is given in the marks table below.


CBSE Board 12th Topper List 2023

Talking about the topper of CBSE board 12th, when the result of CBSE board will be released officially, after that whatever student or student will become the topper in the intermediate examination, they will not only get respect by the secretary, they will also be given an attractive gift and the topper. Will be discussed all over the country, see the list of toppers given below in the marks table.

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